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Hot water, like clean air, is taken for granted until it disappears. As a mechanical device, Water Heaters have a limited lifespan and are destined to fail. Perhaps that failure will be innocuous, occurring in the middle of the night, or the middle of the dishwasher or washing machine cycle, without further drama. The heater might possibly provide a series of subtle hints, including warmish water, discolored water, a puddle, or an odd sound. Or that old tank might go nuclear, exploding or cracking, spewing gallons of murky water. What should the astute homeowner look for?

Warning Indicators

The homeowner may be fortunate enough to receive a warning of imminent heater failure. Warnings may come in various forms:

    • Old Age. A traditional heater tank will last 8-12 years with routine maintenance. As the heater ages, the likelihood of failure increases. Know your heater’s birthday.
    • Lack of routine maintenance shortens tank life. For the homeowner who has performed no maintenance and may be disinclined to add another line item to that to-do list, ponder this: if in its current location your water heater leaked all of its 30-40-50 gallons, where would that water go? If that heater is on the first floor, and there is no basement, or if that heater is on the second floor, where will the water travel? Looking forward to the cleanup? So maintain the heater. Preventative Water heater services are less expensive than serious damage to the homestead.
    • Leak. Any leak should be considered an emergency. The source of the leak must be determined. Certain leaks may be worth repairing, but a breach of the tank is likely fatal.
    • Little or no hot water, inconsistent with a thermostat setting.
    • Knocking sound.
    • Visible corrosion on tank exterior.
    • Flood of murky water.

Causes of Water Heater Failure:

    • Failure to Properly Maintain the Tank. Routine inspection of the anode rod and draining will extend tank lifespan and more likely identify minor problems before they become emergencies.
    • Sedimentation. Most water contains particulate matter and, over time, that matter settles on the tank bottom, essentially becoming a layer of insulation between the heat source and the water. More energy will be consumed and the water will take longer to heat. The tank should be drained regularly to remove the sediment from the tank.
    • Internal rust or anode failure. The anode is typically a piece of magnesium, aluminum, or zinc installed by the manufacturer inside the tank to slow down internal corrosion. Essentially, the anode rod corrodes instead of the steel lining of the tank. The anode rod will need routine replacement.
    • Excessive pressure can cause the tank to swell, leak, and burst.

Repair or Replace that Heater?

Oft cited is the 50% rule: if the cost to repair the unit exceeds 50% of the cost of a new replacement, strongly consider the replacement, particularly if the unit is older and outside of the warranty.

Use a Professional

Homeowners should familiarize themselves with basic heater operations and terminology. But, Water heater repairs and installations should be left to experienced, licensed professionals for a host of reasons. A gas-fired water heater should be treated as a potentially dangerous explosive device.

An honest, experienced plumber will know all the hot water heating options and which will best serve the budget and situation of the homeowner. A professional will size the heater properly to meet homeowner needs and the size of the home. Licensed installers will satisfy all building codes and safety standards. Experienced plumbers will provide sound advice on properly maintaining the water heater to maximize its lifespan. Professional water heater installation reduces the likelihood of drama, damage, and domestic turmoil that might arise in a DIY scenario.

What to Look for in a Plumber.

For Plumbing services in Costa Mesa, CA, look for a licensed, insured professional whose name is on the company’s trucks. Look for an honest professional with years of experience who can provide references and reviews from customers in the area. Look for a professional who will provide a free written estimate for the project and stand behind his work.

Homeowners are well-advised to keep a watchful eye on the hot water heater. If other demands keep you from performing routine maintenance, call an honest, experienced professional today. You may avoid an emergency call tomorrow.

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