Drain Cleaning Services in Costa Mesa, CA

Plumbing systems first came into play during the 1840s. It wasn’t until about a century later that the technology and engineering to make them work was perfected enough to make household plumbing practical. Even then, most homes weren’t equipped with indoor plumbing. All that has certainly changed at this point. Today, we rely on our homes’ plumbing systems. That being said, they don’t always work as they should. A single clogged drain can essentially bring life to a halt and cause any number of inconveniences.

Keeping Your Drains Flowing Freely

At Justin Time Plumbing, we’re committed to keeping Costa Mesa’s plumbing systems working properly. We provide the full range of Drain Cleaning Services and Repairs in Costa, Mesa, CA, to help ensure local residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing systems live up to their expectations. From scheduled maintenance to emergency assistance, our team is always on hand to meet your needs.

What Causes Drains to Clog?

Drains can become clogged for any number of reasons. Those tend to vary depending on the type of drain that’s causing problems and where it’s located. When they’re not draining properly, they can allow thousands of germs to gather and breed and, in some cases, cause a great deal of costly water damage. Take a look at some of the most common causes of clogged drains.

    • Kitchen Problems. When it comes to the kitchen, typical causes of clogged drains are grease and food particles. Fats and bits of food aren’t really meant to go down the drain. Grease hardens when it cools, which can lead to a solid buildup of sludge in the pipes. Food then sticks to the sludge, making matters even worse. When you come to us for drain cleaning services and repair, we’ll get rid of the clog and leave your kitchen fully functional once again.
    • Bathroom Backups. In the bathroom, common causes of drain clogs are hair and cosmetics. Hair doesn’t always simply flow through the plumbing system as you might think it would. Sometimes, it sticks in the drain, forming a growing science experiment. Other objects can also become lodged in the pipes, such as jewelry, razor guards, and toothpaste caps. Of course, massive amounts of toilet paper and baby wipes are often the culprits in toilet clogs. Either way, you may need professional drain cleaning experts to help remedy the issue.
    • Floor Drain Issues. Floor drains are often sources of problems as well. They can become clogged with mud, pet hair, and other debris, all of which prevent them from draining as they should. Clogged floor drains in basements and utility rooms are often the ones that bring about the most property damage. If your floor drain is causing flooding inside your home, we’re here to fix it and prevent further problems.

Those are some of the more common types of drain clogs, but they’re not the only ones. Damaged or collapsed pipes and roots growing into pipes can lead to clogs as well. Problems like those prevent water from flowing freely through the pipes, and large particles of waste can collect in the damaged area to further exacerbate the issue. In some cases, hard water causes minerals to build up in pipes and reduce their effectiveness.

Can I Take Care of Clogs on My Own?

In certain instances, you may be able to take care of a clogged drain on your own. For kitchen sink drains that are clogged with grease, you can try bailing out as much of the water that’s backed up into the sink as possible. Then, pour boiling water down the drain to try to melt the sludge. Some clogs can be remedied by pouring a mixture of baking soda and salt into the drain followed by a cup of heated white vinegar. Allow the mixture to sit in the drain for at least 15 minutes, and wash it down with hot water.

For some clogs, you can use a bathroom plunger to dislodge the blockage. This may take a great deal of time and elbow grease, though. In addition, a pipe snake can allow you to break through bathtub clogs and other blockages. Keep in mind, though, numerous chemical drain clog remedies are on the market, and they can be dangerous and damage your plumbing. If the standard, safe, do-it-yourself solutions don’t work, it’s best to seek out professional plumbing services in Costa Mesa, CA.

Let Us Handle Your Drain Cleaning Needs

You count on your plumbing system for everything from cooking and bathing to doing laundry and cleaning. If you have a clogged drain, it can make even a simple task like washing dishes or taking a shower virtually impossible. That’s why we’re here. Our team is proud to serve home and business owners in Costa Mesa and the surrounding area, and we’re ready to take care of all your drain cleaning needs.